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Safety in Rome

One of the biggest problems in Rome is certainly the tourists safety. The area around the Termini train station is one of the most dangerous and unsafe in Rome.
Nearby you can find dozens of homeless people, prostitutes, drug addicts, drugs dealer, robbers, sexual harassers.
First point, BEWARE GIPSY. They are everywhere, you see them wearing torn t-shirts and slippers, with trolleys ruffling in the junk. The greatest danger comes from children and teenagers organized in teams that patrol the entire area of ​​the station and robbing tourists.
If you see a group of kids approaching you go straight away or scream loudly because they definitely chose you as a victim and want to pickpock you.

You find them also inside the station, they pretend to hang out on the railroads and sit near the ticket dispensers trying to handle your cash and aids  you but then they ask for money in a threatening way.They often ha

ve fake badges, but you can spot they because usually only women do this kind of job and they always wear suspenders or sandals. They are professional cheaters, anyone who is trying to help you in front of tickets machine is someone who is trying to steal your money.
The Rome metro service does not work, it’s dated, malfunctioning and completely infested by baby pickers. The same ones that lie on the surface in the station area spend the day on the dock, well dressed and organized in groups. In the crowded times, they enter the full wagons and besieg the tourists. Unfortunately, there are no police and security facilities inside the stations, and the Italian laws prohibit the arrest of minors.

Another thing not to do ABSOLUTELY is to eat near the station. All ethnic or Italian restaurants are traps for tourists. They are constantly closed by health inspectors and I strongly advise you not to go in if you do not want to have a nightmare instead of a nice vacation.

So if you can, completely avoid the area around the station.
In the next episode we will talk about how to survive with public transportation in Rome.


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